Black Rhino Wheels - Press Releases

November 30, 2015

New Hard-As-Rock Off Road Truck and SUV Wheels from Black Rhino Feature Gloss Black Finish with Bright CNC Milling.

One-piece cast-alloy Selkirk off-road wheels are the newest addition to Black Rhino’s growing selection of 28 different models.

Huntington Beach, CA November 30, 2015

Black Rhino, specialists in off road wheels engineered to withstand the rigors of off highway use, has introduced the Selkirk. These new truck wheels have been given the model name Selkirk in tribute to the 280-mile International Selkirk Loop of mountain trails straddling the Idaho/Washington/British Columbia borders.

Selkirk one-piece truck rims are cast from Black Rhino’s proprietary hardened aluminum alloy. This style spans sizes from 17x9, 18x9, 20x9 to 20x10 and are manufactured in five different five and six-lug bolt patterns to provide a precise, adapter-free fitment with all the most popular trucks and SUVs. Wheel details and images can be viewed at //

The Black Rhino website , includes a fitment guide which enables off road enthusiasts to discover all the Black Rhino designs and sizes that are a safe, solid fit for their year, make and model vehicle. Selkirk wheels are available in neutral, positive 12mm and negative 12mm offsets to achieve the desired stance while also ensuring compatibility with brakes, suspension components and vehicle sheet metal.

“At Black Rhino we are justifiably proud of our wheel technology, manufacturing expertise and eye-catching designs,” observed Terence Scheckter, Black Rhino Wheels president. “We are equally proud of our network of dealers, all selected for their expertise in helping truck and SUV owners choose the right tire and wheel combinations,” Scheckter added. The company’s website includes helpful dealer locator tools, by zip code in the United States, internationally or by calling 1-888-766-7775.

Selkirk truck rims, with their ten brawny, concave spokes and beefy center cap, sport a gloss black finish with bright CNC milled edge detail, punctuated by oversized hex bolts at the lip edge, all designed to exude a lifted truck temperament.

The newly refreshed Black Rhino website, enables truck and SUV owners to experience what Selkirk wheels, and all Black Rhino designs, will look like on their vehicle. This is made possible by the ingenious “Wheel Configurator” tool, which enables shoppers to pull up an image of their year, model and color truck or SUV and “try on” each of the available Black Rhino models and finishes and can be found at // Additionally the new website enables users to sort through the entire Black Rhino product line by vehicle, wheel size, construction methodology, style, design or finish. Wheel descriptions provide a full technical summary for each wheel.

In the website’s “Explore Black Rhino” section, the Technology and Company pages permit prospective customers to learn more about Black Rhino, the company, and to peruse the Customer Gallery of photos uploaded by actual customers of their vehicles outfitted with Black Rhino wheels. New customers are encouraged to upload their own photos to show off their vehicle newly fitted with Black Rhino truck wheels. The website also features dealer support tools, including online access to the inventory in Black Rhino’s new 155,000 sq. ft. headquarters in Brea California. Wheels can be ordered on the website and orders received by 4pm ET are shipped the same day.