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December 11, 2014

Black Rhino Wheels Introduces Seven New Massive, Muscular Truck and SUV Wheels Designed with the Off-Road Enthusiast in Mind

New for 2015, new Black Rhino Wheels sport rugged styling, massive lips, wide tracks and innovative finishes.

Huntington Beach, CA December 11, 2014

Black Rhino Wheels, specialists in wheels for lifted trucks, SUVs and vehicles modified for off-highway use, has dramatically expanded their product lineup with the unprecedented introduction of seven new off-road rims. The new wheels bring Black Rhino’s offerings to 20 different truck rims and SUV rims.

“At Black Rhino, we’ve immersed ourselves in the off-road lifestyle and have a deep-rooted appreciation for the unique demands of this marketplace,” commented Terence Scheckter, president of Black Rhino Wheels. “That understanding is reflected in the brawny good looks and ruggedized over-engineering we put into our entire product line, including our seven newest truck wheels,” Scheckter added.

The new Tanay truck wheels are an excellent example of Black Rhino’s commitment to off-road styling. Six beefy and beveled split spokes join an outer rim with a trendy simulated beadlock pattern. The Tanay is available in three stunning finished: Matte black with a graphite lip, matte black with a machined face and dark matte lip and silver with a bright machined face. Tanay is named for an area in the Sierra Madre Mountains near Manila in the Phillipines and is available in 17, 18 and 20-inch diameters and with a wide array of positive and negative offsets. Check out this video for a closeup look at the Tanay //

The new Savannah truck and SUV wheels feature nine thick spokes in a clean, crisp all-business design that has a precise, concave face. It is a two-piece, fusion welded design available in an understated matte black, in gloss black with a chrome stainless lip or in silver with a bright machined face and a chrome stainless lip. The Savannah is available in massive 20, 22 and 24-inch diameters.

The Mozambique is the name of another of the new Black Rhino truck wheels, invoking the African country widely known for its amazing off-road trails. The Mozambique is a rotary forged one-piece wheel. Rotary forging is a manufacturing process that transforms the molecular structure of the hard alloy to strengthen it. The Mozambique is an aggressive seven-spoke design with a concave hub. It is available in 18, 20 and 22-inch diameters is both matte black and gloss black with machined spoke edges.

The new Mint off-road styled wheel is stunning in its gloss graphite finish or in matte black. Ten bold spokes radiate out to a thick simulated beadlock lip. The Mint takes its name from the oldest active off road race that is ran through 100 miles of the Nevada desert. It is available to fit a wide range of vehicles in 17, 18 and 20-inch diameters. The new El Cajon truck wheel for off-road enthusiasts is a sturdy design featuring seven split spokes and a simulated beadlock lip. The El Cajon is available in aggressive and standard fitments including17x9, x9, 20x9 and 20x10, with offsets ranging from +12 mm to -12mm. It is named after the San Diego-area trails often referred to by off-roaders as “dirtopia.”

Columbia is the name of another new Black Rhino truck rims. It is available in gloss black with milled spokes. Its seven split spokes form a bold, audacious, uncluttered appearance. The Columbia is available in either 20x9 or 22x9.5 sizes in a wide range of bolt patterns and positive offsets.

The deep concave face of the new “500” model off-road type wheel is formed by its eight stout spokes in matte black The machined lip features a simulated beadlock detail accented by heavy duty stainless steel hex bolts. The 500 takes its name from the off road race that spans the Baja Peninsula. It is available in 17, 18 and 20-inch diameters.

Off-road fanatics can see and download photos all 21 Black Rhino truck rims and SUV rims at By clicking on the Configurator tab, shoppers can digitally mount each Black Rhino design, finish and size wheel on a rendering of their year, make, model and color truck or SUV. The Gallery tab reveals dozens of customer-uploaded photos of their trucks with Black Rhino wheels. The Wheel Fitments tab provides specifications and sizes of wheels compatible with each make and model vehicle. Because so many lifted trucks and off-road vehicles have modified suspensions and fenders, Black Rhino recommends a dealer consultation to ascertain compatibility of various diameters and widths. A zip code-driven dealer locator is also on the site, as well as a guide to dealers in Canada. Black Rhino makes its current Huntington Beach, California warehouse inventory available online for dealer access and ordering. Orders received by 4pm ET are shipped the same day.

All Black Rhino truck wheels are engineered to carry the heavy loads typical of trucks and SUVs. They are all hub-centric, meaning the center bore is sized to fit snugly over the wheel hub for a smooth ride and the safest possible mounting, or are supplied with centering rings to accomplish the same goals. Factory tire pressure monitoring systems are supported and OE lugs can be redeployed.