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Jeep Wheels from Black Rhino Hard Alloys

Jeep Wheels from Black Rhino Hard Alloys

December 16, 2019

Black Rhino Wheels offers one of the largest catalogs of Jeep wheels available that are in stock and ready to ship with zero wait time. Each and every wheel part of the Black Rhino wheel collection is engineered by Black Rhino’s in-house engineering team to produce a rugged Jeep wheel without any compromises. Finding Wrangler wheels is truly effortless when browsing through Black Rhino’s Jeep rims collection. Designed from the ground up, all Jeep rims are completely new and original styles that are designed to match the ultra rugged and bold Jeep design language, regardless if we are talking about Wrangler wheels or Jeep Beadlock rims.

All of Black Rhino wheels are specifically designed and engineered as plug and play wheel solutions for all Jeeps models with a large range of options available when looking for Jeep Wrangler JKU wheels (2006 - 2017), Jeep Wrangler JLU wheels (2018 to present) and the Jeep Wrangler TJ wheels (1996 - 2006). Selecting the ideal Jeep wheel is easy with Black Rhino’s continuous releases of new Jeep rim designs. There are plenty of battle ready alloy off-road wheels specifically engineered for Jeep Gladiator wheels truck and Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels to choose from.

A highly advanced production technique known as Flow Form Technology (FFT) is used for many Black Rhino wheels that ensures the highest strength Jeep rims are achieved. The rotary forging process is perfect for Jeep JKU wheels and Jeep JLU wheels due to the high strength to low weight ratio that is often regarded as tougher than the factory Wrangler rims. More importantly, the weight savings in the outer rim of the wheel that dramatically reduce the rotational mass and therefore enhances both off-road and on-road performance unanimously makes it an exceptional choice as versatile Wrangler wheels.

Black Rhino makes it easy to find the right wheel choice when deciding on your next Jeep rims. In addition to designing exceptionally tough Jeep wheels, in-house engineers also consider supplemental factors such as if the Jeep is at factory or a lifted height as this predicates the acceptable wheel and tire diameter range.

A large variety of Jeep Beadlock wheels are also at your disposal with Black Rhino. When tackling the most demanding off-road terrain, it’s non-negotiable to outfit Jeep Beadlock wheels to your rig to minimize the chance of aftermarket tires separating from your ultra rugged Jeep wheels. Black Rhino offers a wide variety of timeless and ultra rugged Jeep Beadlock wheels to satisfy all preferences - from deep concave 5-spoke off-road wheels to military inspired tactical Jeep rims.

Having a team of Jeep and off-road enthusiasts on staff allows Black Rhino to engineer Jeep wheels tailored to the most minute detail, such as multiple offset and backspace fitments. Wheel offset means the wheel centerline is offset away from the axle, providing a wider stance and increased stability that is often sought after in Wrangler rims. Backspace measures how far the wheel intrudes into the wheel well towards the axle, and is important to ensure that there is no interference with suspension components such as trailing arms when running plus sized tires.

Black Rhino Jeep wheels are designed to accept factory tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS). All Black Rhino Jeep Rims are hub centric, which ensures that they fit precisely over the center flange of the brake rotor so that the wheel is concentric with the wheel bearings for a truer, better balanced wheel and tire assembly that doesn’t produce any unwanted vibrations.