SUV Wheels and CUV/Crossover Wheels

Off Road SUV and CUV Crossover Wheels

These rugged wheels are typically 20” in diameter or smaller, with negative offsets to create a wider, more stable footprint. They feature especially brawny construction, with oversized lips to help ensure a fail-safe bead lock. Durability isn’t their only attribute. Our off road SUV and CUV wheels feature some of the most exciting designs and finishes you’ve ever seen.

Street SUV and CUV/Crossover Wheels

These wheels can be as large as 24” in diameter, and while made from the same hardened aluminum alloy as our off road wheels, our city truck SUV wheels are designed to add visual interest, create a distinctive personality and, of course, facilitate a taller, more commanding presence. That’s why our city truck SUV wheels have such interesting finishes, and such a variety of designs and intriguing detailing. It’s also a reason many of our city truck wheel designs are open and uncluttered, to showcase the suspension modifications you may have made. We know you want truck wheels that set your truck or SUV apart from the boulevard crowd and Black Rhino delivers.