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Manufacturing wheels that will stand up to the strenuous demands and heavy loads exerted by off road and city trucks and SUVs requires a special commitment. Here is our pledge to deliver on that promise.


Click below to learn to learn about the engineering and manufacturing processes that we employ in producing Black Rhino wheels and how they contribute to each of our wheels exceeding industry norms.


We’ve developed some videos of Black Rhino wheels for your information and enjoyment. Check out the videos to understand what makes Black Rhino truck wheels and off road wheels the first choice for our customers.


Unfamiliar with some of the technical terms we’ve tossed about? Need to know more before you buy? Learn more about Black Rhino wheels here.


When we introduce a new wheel, we usually issue a press release so that automotive editors, our dealers and our customers can learn about that wheel in great detail. Click here to read more. Partnership

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Where to Buy

One of our greatest strengths is our global network of expert tire and wheel dealers, specialists in trucks and SUVs. Click here to search in the US by zip code or across the globe. Or get a price quote by email from a dealer near you.