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With a wide range of unique styles, Black Rhino has a wheel for every terrain and occasion. Each Black Rhino wheel is envisioned with endless adventure in mind. That's why we spend countless hours designing, engineering and testing our wheels to meet the demands of the harshest conditions. From our trail-proven beadlock wheels to our forged monoblock wheels, and our Flow Formed Technology series, Black Rhino has a wheel solution for every vehicle application.

It's In Our Name

Black Rhino Wheels is borne of South African heritage and is named after one of the most enduring and formidable icons of the African bush: the mighty Black Rhino. We are passionate about protecting our namesake and continue to donate a portion of each wheel sale to supporting conservation efforts that will help safeguard the rhino from extinction. Since our inception, we have strived to promote a lifestyle exploring the planet while coexisting with its inhabitants and to give back however we can. For us, it’s personal.

You're Ready For Adventure

Vehicles meant to go anywhere need wheels built to go everywhere. Whether you're tackling the trails in your Tacoma, crawling through the rock gardens in your Wrangler, or hitting the desert in your UTV, Black Rhino has a wheel to handle your most demanding excursions. Let's get lost.